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Rock Queen For Taylor Star


Happy Halloween!There is beautiful Rock Queen called Taylor. Today she plans to have a show performance. Are you willing to help her make up beautifully and design one nice guitar for her to let her have an unforgettable performance? Come to join our brand new game and have fun. First step is nursing. You need to help the girl have a facial spa. Clean her hair and then dry it. Comb her hair to make it look smooth. Then you can fix her hair and wash her face with facial cleanser and then get rid of those red pimples on her face one by one. After that, come to make facial and eyes masks for her and put some facial creams to make her face skin look fresh. Second step is making up. You can use our given cosmetics to make the queen look amazing. Third stage is dressing up. Try your best to dress up the girl with fashion clothes and accessories. Fourthly, you need to help the girl design a new guitar. You can choose to play whack-a-mole or receiving fruits games. Follow our instructions to make a new guitar steps by steps and then decorate the guitar with different kinds of decoration materials. In the fifth stage, new microphone for her. Then come to make a new microphone for the queen’s sing. We will show you the methods of making microphone. After producing microphone, you can decorate the microphone to make it look cool. At last, through your efforts, the rock queen will have a nice concert. Show us in the end.Features:1. Help the queen have a facial nursing 2. Make up beautifully for the girl 3. Dress up the girl with given clothes and accessories 4. Making new guitar5. Design a new guitar for the queen 6. Design a cool microphone7. Play mini games 8. Show us at last
How to play:1. Wash hair for the queen 2. Dry her hair and comb it to make it smooth 3. Fix her hair and then clean her face with facial cleanser4. Get rid of her red pimples on her face 5. Make facial and eyes masks for her 6. Put some face cream on her facial skin 7. Make up the queen by our given cosmetics 8. Dress up her beautifully by choosing hairstyles and clothes 9. Design and produce a new guitar for the queen 10. Make a new and cool microphone and decorate it for the queen 11. Show us the queen at last